Data and Statistics Preliminary Notes

Data & statistics

Hi all,

Hope you’re all settling back into school well after the summer holidays. I haven’t updated the site in a while but I’m pleased to say I’ve got a new set of notes available for you to download today. These notes are on the Data and Statistics strand of the General Mathematics course. This first note is for the Year 11 Preliminary course and I will be following it up with the Year 12 HSC course note within the next few weeks. Furthermore, I will be adding more notes to cover the rest of the General Mathematics course over the coming months so you will soon have a full set of concise easy to follow notes which you can use to study and revise for your exams.

The topics covered in this set of notes include:

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Financial Maths HSC Notes

Well folks, it’s been a bit quiet around here recently but for very good reason. I’ve been busy working on the second part of the Financial Mathematics notes which I’m excited now to share with you. This PDF covers the HSC Year 12 portion of the Financial Maths strand for the General Mathematics course. For a link to the notes for Preliminary Year 11 portion of the notes, see here. The topics covered in this PDF are:

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Top time management tips for studying

Top time management tips for studying

No examiner cares if your notes are highlighted, whether your books are in numerical order, or your room is tidy. They only care about what is written on the page… so make sure it counts. Here are some tactics to make sure you get the most out of your study time so that you gain the best possible marks.

1. Be honest with yourself

Studying isn’t about how many hours you sat in front of a computer or your books or how many parties you have missed because you are “studying”, it is just plain hard work. Studying can be

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Financial Maths Preliminary Note

Financial Maths - Preliminary HSC Notes

Hi all,

Well it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on here and that’s because I’ve been busily working on some fantastic resources for you all. These resources are guaranteed to give you a leg up when it comes to your HSC maths exams. Each one has 10s if not 100s of hours of my personal time put into them to ensure they are of the highest quality to provide you with the greatest benefit possible.

First up is an extremely useful set of notes for all you General Mathematics students. It covers the Preliminary course for the Financial Mathematics strand. Topics include:

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7 Top Tips to turn Maths Stress into Maths Success!

Maths stress into success

To many people, mathematics can be one of the most challenging subjects that they may take. This can be true for not just high school students but primary school kids and Uni students also. Many students are reluctant to enrole in maths and science courses out of fear that their maths abilities aren’t up to the required standard. We may look at geniuses such as Albert Einstein, John Nash (Russell Crowe’s character in A Beautiful Mind) and others and wonder what may be wrong with our abstract thinking process, why can’t we understand maths and its theories and formulas like others?

But there’s no need to stress out over studying maths; guess what, maths is basically

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The Plane Truth about Math – how pilots use maths everyday

The Plane Truth about Math

In the same way that geometry is the study of shapes, and algebra is the study of operations and their application for solving equations, calculus is the study of change. We can see an everyday example of Calculus in action by looking at Newton’s Second Law of Motion. We ordinarily write it down as:

Force = Mass x Acceleration (or F = ma),

which is highly useful in the Physics lab, but it was originally written by Newton himself as

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How maths can shape your career and life

High school students often perceive maths as a big stress of their life. They consider it as their enemy and are usually afraid of the subject. Some students also consider it boring and a waste of time. On the contrary some students really like maths but they need a bit of assistance in developing their skills in the subject. If you are a high school student falling under any of these categories then here are a few examples of how maths can help you not only carve a great career for yourself but also help in other areas of your life.

Let’s begin with how maths can shape your career.

After you have passed your HSC exams, you can undertake a regular Uni degree in Mathematics; complete an online course or a distance learning course from a reputed university. You can also choose relevant courses to make a career in the following fields:

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Eugghh, back to school again!

back to school picture

Welcome back to school everyone! 🙂

I hope you had a great break over Christmas and got to enjoy the lovely summer weather. For many of you (if not all!) I’m sure it’s a bit of a horrible feeling going back to the old grind – getting up early, sitting in class all day, then going home with a ton of homework and study to do. It’s definitely not anyone’s idea of fun! But there are always the positives to consider.

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Welcome to the Jungle Site!

Welcome on the beach

Hi there!

Welcome to I’m Eoin (yes, that’s an Irish spelling and is actually pronounced Owen). I’ve set up this site to help students like you get the best possible marks in your HSC maths exams. Our intention here is to help by producing awesome revision notes and other amazing resources that will give you a step over the rest when revising for the exams. 

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