How maths can shape your career and life

High school students often perceive maths as a big stress of their life. They consider it as their enemy and are usually afraid of the subject. Some students also consider it boring and a waste of time. On the contrary some students really like maths but they need a bit of assistance in developing their skills in the subject. If you are a high school student falling under any of these categories then here are a few examples of how maths can help you not only carve a great career for yourself but also help in other areas of your life.

Let’s begin with how maths can shape your career.

After you have passed your HSC exams, you can undertake a regular Uni degree in Mathematics; complete an online course or a distance learning course from a reputed university. You can also choose relevant courses to make a career in the following fields:

  • Application Developer: You can work as an app developer for computers, smartphones, tablets or about for the new age of connected devices such as internet watches, smart tvs, in-car systems, internet connected fridges and so. App developers and programmers use maths to create algorithms which form the basis of their software. If you like to be a bit more hands on, you could use your maths skills in designing computer circuits and create the hardware for the above devices.
  • Forensic Expert: Do CSI and mystery novels intrigue you? If yes, you can use maths to study evidence, re-create crime scenes and help solve the crime for Police Departments, Private Investigation Agencies or even covert Agencies. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend checking out the TV show, Numb3rs.
  • Cryptanalyst: You would use mathematical equations to break vital codes out of large quantities of data. You would also create complicated computer systems by making use of numerical analysis.
  • Game Designer: Do you love Mario Kart, Candy Crush or Minecraft? By using your abilities in maths, you can create amazing games and have the potential to earn big bucks if you launch your own hit game.
  • Animator: You can help create great cartoon and animated movies like Toy Story or Frozen and have fun while doing it. You would use your knowledge of linear algebra to create and move your animated characters.
  • Financial Analyst: You can use your mathematical skills to help large corporations like banks in evaluating their merger and acquisitions decisions as well as their investment options.
Character Charlie Epees solving crimes by maths in Numb3rs
Character Charlie Epees solving crimes by maths in Numb3rs

Apart from these really great career options, you could also use your mathematical abilities to carve out a career as a Mathematician, Statistician, Engineer, Accountant, Biologist, Maths Tutor or Professor, Historian, Industrial Designer, Research Expert, Sociologist and many more. The options are practically endless. So really you shouldn’t just consider maths as a hurdle you need to clear at high school but as something which can be used throughout your life. If you’d like further information on the potential careers you can pursue with maths, then I suggest you check out the site

Now let’s have a look at how maths can help you in your day to day life.

  • Analytical Skills: Studying maths will hone your analytical skills. It can help you better analyse every important decision of your life. Be it buying a new home or taking up a job offer. You would get the ability to measure the pros and cons of every step of your life’s decisions in order to make the correct one for you.
  • Problem Solving Abilities: Most people panic when they have to face a major problem like an unhappy client at work or say a breakdown of their home’s heating system. But when you have a logical mind, you would be inclined to get the core of every problem and solve it. You would work towards finding the cause of dissatisfaction of the client and compensate for it. You would probably also use the internet to research what is actually wrong with the heating system and may try to fix it yourself before you call an expert. These problem solving skills, and associated logical mindset, are what gets better the more you study and use maths. These skills will certainly carry over and make other areas of your life a lot easier.
  • Money Management: Studying maths can help you with the art of money management too. You can learn directly about budgeting, taxes and investments etc. directly through the Financial Mathematics strand of the General Mathematics course. However, even if you didn’t study those topics directly in high school, by studying maths, you would become good with numbers and will keep an eye on your cash flow and spend every cent with care so that you don’t run out of cash. You would also be more likely to make wise investments so that your money can grow on its own. This financial intelligence is sure to keep your bank balance healthy and give you a more comfortable life.
  • Accuracy: If you have a fondness for maths and a skill in the subject, you would become more accurate in every aspect of your life. For example, if you were remodelling your home, you would make sure to buy perfectly sized furniture, track your expenses to keep to a budget and would also have the ability to calculate whether any product or service you are purchasing is worth the price or not. This would save you from making shopping mistakes and wasting your money.

So it is clear that learning and understanding maths is not limited to just passing your high school exams. It really can help build a great life for yourself. If you are not so good at maths now then it’s time to knuckle down and focus as it’s a subject that will help you in the long run.

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